Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The heavy burden for businesses in Spain : the large industrial price

 The other day , talking to Juan Carlos Barba and Francisco Guillén , we mentioned the case of a company that wanted to settle in Galicia area very close to the border with Portugal, but had finally opted for the Portuguese country due to the high price of Spanish industrial land , about 25 times greater than that of Portugal, where the soil is practically given away, when in fact they had to cross the river Miño.

Industrial land development requires numerous public resources and is essential to sustain the productive fabric of our country. However, in Spain not being managed properly , if we add to its high price high availability we find industrial estates and technology parks to half empty throughout our geography . Abaratarlo Why not ?

In fact , in this context , a businessman who decides to take his investment in Portugal , where the price per square meter of industrial land is offered at 8 euros , compared with the 200 euros of Vigo, would save around 250,000 euros for a plot of 10,000 square meters , money that could well be spent on machinery, industrial capital , reduced margins or hire staff . A laughable ground that guarantees not only the establishment of national companies , if not the expansion of foreign companies to the neighboring country.

The facilities offered by the industrial areas of other countries and the difficulties and lack of appeal that conveys our country to the new investor may explain that suppliers increasingly settle in neighboring countries , where , in addition to numerous plots and polygons area available at a ridiculous price , or even free.

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If to this we add <a increasingly expensive access to energy < / a> ( in particular , electricity ) compared to the other countries of the European Union , a labor market still highly regulated and increasing legal uncertainty we find a view that is not easy at all investment and establishment of companies in our country.

Therefore, it would be advisable to facilitate access to industrial land and businesses by the administrative concession to 50 or 100 years at low prices following the Portuguese model . All this to encourage industrial investment , both foreign and Spanish as well somehow compensate the serious problems the company is facing Spanish today.

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