Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Poker fever : a game that moves millions of dollars and increasing every day

If there is a game that is growing exponentially in recent years , both in number of amateur and professional players , that's poker . In fact , such is the popularity of this game has acquired already many people have it as a way of life , participating in every tournament they can and can expect to earn huge amounts of money.

As anyone who is interested in the economy , maybe you read something that is behind the online partypoker , and perhaps good to go deeper into the poker economy .

 Paying the juice
Many poker players trust jugan win the tournaments for a living . However, living it is not easy and everyone has to overcome a series of obstacles. These players have to pay 6% in each event they enter. While fever and sponsored televised tournaments like the World Series , the rate has increased over the years. If poker sponsors gains more popularity and we can see a game with a growing movement of money . However, it seems more likely to continue in the same pattern in which the money is channeled through sponsorship deals for individual players.

Economists who are observing the phenomenon of poker have noticed that regardless of what the players say , the price elasticity of demand is low, ie , those tournaments that have high participation fees , no small share . Poker players are desperate for opportunities to play and are not particularly sensitive to the price thereof.

The variety of payments make it difficult to measure their future professional player money inflows . A professional could go a few years without ranking the three finalists , but ultimately being spent nearly $ 600,000 a year in entry fees and living expenses during that period.

 Indeed, one of the countries where poker is becoming increasingly popular is Spain , especially online poker. While still popular casinos in Las Vegas , online poker is very popular in countries like Spain .

The online poker up two thirds of the Spanish market for cash games. In Spain , it is necessary to pay 25 % tax benefit of the gaming site . The poker websites have seen 1500 players with money on average, 20% higher than when they started. It is also a 40 % increase over its lowest point in June. The overall growth in the economy of poker could be attributed to marketing in Spain , where many celebrities like Rafael Nadal have signed , growing recognition and confidence in this market.

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