Sunday, July 7, 2013

Money: Are you generous, stingy or thrifty?

Find out what your personality is about money:

     Ambitious-dominant: economic success has desire, is a perfectionist and rigid in their approach. For him, as for money anything goes, you can get to the betrayal. Favorite Quote: "You can always aim higher"
     Lazy-passive: It is pessimistic, negative and suspicious, and thinks that whatever you do, never improve your situation. You can fall in frustration and victim hood. Favorite Quote: "To love you more"
     Arrogant-calculator: Cautious, wants to control everything around him and protected. He is always on guard and may suffer from anxiety and obsession for control. Favorite Quote: "Man forewarned is forearmed"
     Modesto-Naive: Avoid responsibilities. Submissive and dependent, not defend their opinion. It conformist and low self esteem. Favorite Quote: "You're right always"
     Cold-stingy: Always on guard against deception or looting. Dislikes give or reciprocate. By not giving does not even say good morning, which leads to isolation. Favorite Quote: "It's mine"
     Warm-generous: Optimistic, impulsive, loving and selfless. She likes to share, invite. Your need for approval makes you lose self-esteem. It may be frivolous spender. Favorite Quote: "Mine is yours"
     Introvert-holder. Not communicate what you have to not have to share it. Unsociable, you never know what you think. Favorite Quote: "I know what I have"
     Extrovert-envious: Share what you have and even what does not. I love teaching the bargains you purchase, and enjoy the goods themselves and others. If you have no money you can become depressed. Favorite Quote: "I have that too I"

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