Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Banco Popular internet: three steps to access your online banking

Bancopopular - e.com is the virtual office or online Spanish Popular Bank , with the advantages of being able to operate as if it were a physical office without the need to travel , and impacting on more profitable products for customers to save costs . this article summarizes in 3 simple steps the procedure to become a client and access their services .

First, the registration request account

Like the other online banks offer a normal current account , called basic account or a bill paid ( salary account ) with a greater interest , if household income of professional activity or performance.
Since web Bancopopular - e.com , you must access the client section to take or directly click on " Basic High " or "High payroll " which redirected to a form to complete with personal data , employment and economic .

Both accounts do not involve any kind of fees being paid the 0.55% basic and payroll tae , tae 2% , with free cards .
Receiving and sending contracts required documentation

Upon completion of the registration process, you must indicate by what means you want to receive the contracts and information attached , with two alternatives :

    By email , which is received after one or two days , including contracts and a number of temporary username and password , by which you have access to see their contracted .

    By mail , within a maximum period of one week, in which contracts are received , the keys and the electronic signature , also provisional .

Once satisfied that everything is correct , must be returned signed by the owner and co-owner , if any, open contracts , with a copy of any of the following documents :

    Identification of each holder
    Payroll , proof of income or income statement
    In case of pensioners , certificate of appreciation for providing
    And for freelancers , paying most recent quarterly VAT , social security receipt or last payment of income tax

Activation of accounts and products

Finally, regarding the required documentation is received , proceed to the activation of the account and the keys , communicating by email , and if you have applied for initial contracts by email, a message is sent to the mobile client, electronic signatures.

When you first access to the web as a client , you must change the keys for security , and by electronic signature , you can access and operate all banking services the organization offers .